Arabic Language Course


The Arabic language is the primary key for reading, memorizing and understanding the noble Qur’an, Islamic sciences and Islamic studies. Therefore, every Muslim should try to learn the Arabic language to the extent that it benefits him in matters of his religion and helps him to read, research and learn. We have taken into account the development of curricula for the Arabic language, divided into three consecutive stages.

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Our online Arabic language classes at Quranak Academy will be highly personalized and adjusted to suit your own time and learning needs.

Unlike Latin, Arabic is written and read from right to left. This could be quite confusing for non-Arabic speakers. With our qualified Arabic tutors there will be no confusion, our Al-Azhar graduate tutors, are fluent in English. This means they know all the secrets and rules of the Arabic language and will be able to deliver them to non-Arabic speakers in an effective and easy way.

With, and agree upon a certain schedule to suit your time and preference. You will be offered proper guidance throughout the whole experience with our native Arabic tutors. They will teach you the proper way of articulation to read the words properly and better understand their meanings.

Moreover, you or your kids will be able to read different interpretations with our online Arabic language classes, making reading the Holy Quran a spiritual.

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