Quran Memorization Course


Learn and memorize the Quran accurately with teachers from Al-Azhar University. Learn the meaning of the verses and the reasons behind revealing them. Quran Memorization focuses on completing the memorization of the Book of Allah in the shortest time with high accuracy and precision with scholars from Al-Azhar University who carry one or more Ijazah. We adopt the pace that fits the student and gradually increase the pace if our student requests for it. We conduct regular testing to ensure that the prior lessons are learned well.

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Allah sent the Quran down to Muslims in Arabic. So who master teaching the Quran better than native Arab tutors?! That’s why Quran tutors at Quranak Academy guarantee perfect Quran memorization, correct Quran pronouncing, and good Quran understanding.

In Quranak Academy, we have male and female native Quran teachers specialized in Quran memorization teaching. They hold Ijazah in and are qualified to teach the Quran for children and adults.

In this course, your Quran teacher will start with the short Surahs to the long ones to ensure easy, gradual memorization of all of the Holy Quran. Your teacher will work on facilitating memorization and help you overcome any problems with memorization, Tajweed, or phonetics.

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