Good learning and teaching

My teacher is very good he makes learning enjoyable.He teaches me new things and
helps me memorize surah
He is very friendly and I would say he is one of the best teachers I have ever had .


The best Teacher for Quran ever

Ustadh Ammar is a great teacher and treats me like his best friend. Every time I see him he gives me a big smile. He teaches me so much and I am really grateful to him for teaching me many surahs. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus.

Danyal Chowdhury

Premium Experience

My teacher is a very cheerful and kind person. He makes the class enjoyable. He also treats me like a best friend. We have a laugh for 5-7 minutes, I ask him questions about the deen and lots more. He is my favorite teacher.

Hassan Hassan
United Kingdom

Great online learning

I think that Quranak is a great online Quran school which teach us a variety of Islamic topics. The best thing about it is my teacher Ustadh Ammar who makes the lessons fun and interesting!


Very fun learning

My teacher is very nice and helpful , and gets me past every sur’ah by memorising completely , and gives me the knowledge of what and what not do (and much more) in the daily life of a Muslim. And it’s only half an hour , yet I learn so much and still have so much free time.

Zed Hussein
United Kingdom

Always follow the duties and performance

What I like about Quranak Academy is that they always follow the duties and performance of their teachers and communicate to take feedback continuously.


I love the Quranak Academy

I love the Quranak Academy because I love studying with my teacher, who teaches us the noble Qur’an My little brother and I He plays us sweet, always smiling, and makes us smile.


Exciting and distinct experience

For the first time, I am experimenting with online education at home.
In fact, it was an exciting and distinct experience that saved me a lot of time and also helped me to use my free time in useful things.




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